Terms and Conditions

By downloading the Dheeran TV application from the Google play store, you are accepting these terms and conditions. This terms and conditions are only between you and us( Dheeran TV group). You can use any other third party app along with our application on your mobile phone, and the conditions exist only for our app.
You express here that you are in the legal age to agree to Terms and Conditions to use our app. If not, make sure you are opening the app with your parent or guardian consent. If you are feeling not okay with the terms mentioned here, then you may not install or use the Dheeran TV App. You know that you are downloading this app in your android device and using it only for your personal needs.

Your use of the Dheeran TV Application is subject to plenty of restrictions, and they are as follows:

➧ You must give all the necessary information requested from our side at the time of installation. If you are not ready to share that personal information, then you cannot use the Dheeran TV App;
➧ You are agreeing to sue our Dheeran APP service only for the personal and non-commercial use;
➧ You have limitations to use this app which means you can share the login information only with your relatives and family members. You should share the details with third parties TV app providers.
➧ Changing of stealing the APP information is high, so it is your responsibility to secure the internet connection network in your home or office.

Privacy Policy

Dheeran group is bound to securing your privacy. Any personal information or data shared from your end at the end of making registration through the mobile app service will remain confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside our group. Without your, we do not sell any personal information to the third party service providers.

Your Personal Information

Make sure after you install the app on your device, we collect Personal Information shared from your side to identify that the right person is accessing the mobile app without any violation. When we collect the personal information, it includes username, phone number, email address, and password of the mobile app.

How We Use Personal Information

As a general practice, no data or Personal Information is collected from the application user, apart from the type of information shared by the mobile app service user on their own at the time of registration. We use that personal information to prove the services and performances of the app. With the collected data, we will check the pieces of information like the number of users using the app, the number of app users contacted us for the same technical issues, and much more to offer the better app and services.

Contact Us

A user has every right to contact us to clear the doubts regarding the privacy policy, the practices of the mobile app, or the need for this app release. App users can contact through the contact us page, and we welcome all the queries and suggestions about our Privacy Policy. However, we hold the power to alter or revise this privacy policy from time to time without giving any legal notice.